Diagnosis of Pregnancy

 Diagnosis of Pregnancy 1. First trimester (0-3 months) First 12 weeks  1. Subjective symptoms 2. Objective symptoms 1. Subjective symptoms a. Amenorrhea b. Morning sickness/nausea and vomiting Due to rise in hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) c. Frequency of micturition (8-12th week) d. Breast discomfort (6-8 weeks) Breast pain, feeling of fullness, pricking sensation, breast vein prominent, primary areola, pigmentation around primary areola called secondary areola. e. Fatigue and lethargy 2. Pelvic changes 1. Jacquemier’s or Chadwick’s sign (8th week) Bluish discoloration of anterior vaginal wall.

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